Accordian Shutters

Accordion Shutters are permanently installed for year round protection. They fold back compactly similar to a louvered door and are one or two piece shutters. They are installed beside windows and doors, balconies, and large patio openings.

Accordion shutters are convenient, and easily closed within minutes. They lock from the inside or outside for increased security and protection. Accordions are made of aluminum and should be cleaned and lubricated yearly. Accordion shutters are considered one of the strongest shutters available.

Accordion Shutters offer an affordable, durable means of protection against intruders and storms. Permanently fastened to your home or high-rise condominium, our manual Accordion Shutters are easily operated by one person from inside or outside.

* If you are in the market for an affordable, easy-to-use method of hurricane protection then the HT-100 is the right choice for you.

* Our accordions are Miami Dade county approved and engineered to withstand winds of 155 mph.

* From a simple window to enclosing a patio, our accordions can cover large spans to meet all of your needs residential or commercial.

* Attractive and simple to operate, you will be able to close and secure your home in a matter of minutes. For two story installations you will be able to secure your home or business from the interior.

*We offer a variety of colors that can compliment your home and have proven to amplify the market value.

*Our shutters can not only be used to protect your home against hurricanes and extreme weather conditions, but they can also protect against forcible entry and theft.


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